Spice up Valentines 2019 with a romantic getaway to City of Romance – Rome. Everything about the city from its niche cafes, architecture, exotic wines…everything smells of Romance.

Whether you fancy a quiet walk on the banks of River Tiber or a jazzy evening at a club – Rome has you covered.

Did you wish to know about the world’s most famous ice-cream? How about an ancient open-air Roman theatre?

Well, Read on!

Eternalize your Love at Trevi Fountain
cheap airfare_tree-linehomes.comTrevi Fountain tops the list in romantic things to do in Rome. The fountain has featured in many Hollywood rom-coms.

Drop a coin in the fountain to eternalize your love this Valentines’. Thousands of couples visit the Trevi Fountain every day to keep up with the tradition of throwing a coin in the fountain.

Trevi Fountain collects around 3000 Euros daily, all of which are donated to charity. When you visit Trevi, you’ll have a lovely date and do a good deed at the same time.

So grab two tickets of cheap flights to Rome, and make this Valentines’ unique.

Hold Hands on The Streets of Trastevere

flight_status_tree-linehomes.comHave a romantic evening, walk hand-in-hand with your partner on the heritage-rich streets of Rome. The streets of Trastevere are quiet, serene and have all the charms of ancient Rome. Previously, a working-class colony; Trastevere is now among the most Romantic places in Europe.

If you’re the nocturnal kind, the street has a buzzing nightlife with a lot of small cafes and restaurants. You even come across local Italians playing beautiful music on the street. If you like music, don’t forget to tip. A little bit of generosity goes a long way.

So what are you waiting for?

Hop on a Spirit Airlines Flight with your loved one, and you’ll be in Rome in no time!

A Pleasant Afternoon at Pincio Gardens

Pincio Gardens offer a beautiful view of Rome. Lush green gardens, cozy afternoons and small coffee shops, Pincio makes for an excellent picnic spot. If you’re in for something more Romantic, try spending time around the small lake in the middle of the garden. It’ll make your Valentines’ date a lovely experience.

Opera Night at Teatro Dell di Roma

A blissful night at the Opera will make for a romantic ending to your Valentines’ Day. Teatro Dell di Roma ranks among Europe’s top amphitheaters; you get to witness the finest operas and ballet performances in all of Europe.

The 19th Century building has all the aristocratic charms of its period. The architecture, interiors, and performances will keep you enchanted with its beauty.

The cover charge to attend most performances is roughly around $20 per seat.

Begin your trip with opulence, fly with Spirit Airlines, toast to champagne at Teatro Dell di Rome – enjoy Valentines’ like a pair of aristocrats of ancient Rome.

Movie Date at Rome’s Open-Air Cinema

What could possibly be more Romantic than watching a movie under the stars? Head to Rome’s Open-Air Cinema located on the Tiber Island. For as low as $5, you can watch Italy’s internationally acclaimed films, and celebrate this Valentines’ in a unique Roman way.

A walk of History at Tiber River

fight_tree_linehomes.comIndulge in the history of Rome as you take a leisurely stroll on the banks of River Tiber. Enjoy the perennial water, splendid bridges, and ancient Roman architecture on your walk.

Want to make this occasion extra special? Grab some Roman champagne and toast to your love on river banks.

Share a Gelato

Gelato is Italy’s world-famous ice-cream. Once you get a taste of Gelato, you’ll keep coming back for more. This special ice-cream is readily available on almost every café, restaurant and ice-cream shop in Rome.

We recommend you visit Giolitti’s, which is the oldest ice-cream parlor in all of Rome. You can get choose from a large variety of flavors, including Giolitti’s very special – Chocolate Nutella.

Cheap flight tickets and budget-friendly romantic experiences go hand-in-hand in Rome. Don’t believe anyone who tells you Rome is expensive – believe us – it’s really not!

An Evening at a Bar

Are you in a mood for a Dance? Hold hands with your loved one and dance all night at one of the posh clubs in Rome. No matter if you’re a fan of techno or Jazz; there’s something for every at Roman clubs.

The ideal time to visit a club in Rome is around 12. The best clubs you should definitely check out in Rome are:

  • La Cabala
  • Le Mura
  • De Romus

Spirit Airlines will cover it all for you, from ticket-bookings to club nights.

Kiss your Sweetheart at Bridge of Angels

flights_to_vegas_tree-linehomes.comThe Bridge of Angels, formerly known as Ponte Sant’Angelo is the most popular kissing spot in Rome. The place is a total lover’s allure with beautiful views of Roman castles, clear blue water and much more.

If you’re short on time and want everything planned for you – get personalized travel packages from Spirit Airlines & make Valentines’ week 2019 a memorable joy! Celebrate a Romantic Valentines’ under the Bridge of Angels, book with Spirit Airlines for cheap flight tickets to Rome.

Spend a Night at the Luxurious Roman Hotel

Plazza Montemartini, located near the Termini station, in Rome, is a modern 5-star Hotel with all the charms of the ancient Roman Empire. Private Saunas, massages, in-hotel Casino – everything you could possibly wish for is available.

Roman beauty falls short of nothing, the city has beautiful rivers, special romantic spots, upscale bars, and luxurious hotels. We understand traveling is an expensive affair. Not just cheap flight tickets but hotels, car rentals and restaurant meals – all cost a lot of dough.

 But fret not, it’s not too hard to enjoy a vacation in Rome on a tight budget. Just make it a point to avoid luxurious hotels and expensive clubs. In fact, to have real Roman experience – you don’t need to spend a dime.

Walks along the Tiber River, kissing your sweetheart under the Bridge of Angel or tossing a coin in the Trevi fountain, the truly priceless experiences are literally priceless. Two Cheap flight tickets from Spirit Airlines will further reduce your expenses.


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